helps you get the most out of your business with the fastest and most reliable business and industrial electronics solutions.

queue management system

Empowering The Industry For Over 3 Decades

“Fueling progress, Empowering the Industry for over 3 decades. A legacy of innovation and excellence. Pioneering solutions that stand the test of time. Three decades of commitment to industry growth. Unleashing potential, shaping the future.”


Accelerate your customer service with our hassle-free Queue-Management Systems.

queue management system

Eliminate redundancy. Automated Interfaces for queries, ticketing and queues.

queue management system

Robust LCD and 7-segment displays keep your customers satisfied and on-time.

queue management system

Integrated speaker systems for announcements, customer calls, and notification SFX.

Understand, control and optimize. Use UTNT’s decades of experience in industrial electronics to keep your production line precise, streamlined and robust.


Update and stay updated. Custom LED and 7-segment displays for Stock Exchanges, Factories, Currency, Temperature, tailored to your specific needs.


Keep it running; stay in control. Solutions for Industrial Process Control, Batching Traffic Control, Temperature & Humidity Regulation, and more.


Know your system like you know yourself. Use only the best in temperature sensors, humidity sensors, weighing systems, pressure/force sensors, tachometers, and timers.

UTNT products and instruments are deployed all over the country and in the harshest of environments. Our software features automatic error correction and detection and robust failsafes; our hardware features reliable and serviceable parts and durable design. UTNT products are are built to last, but even when they do fail, we provide technical support and repair services for all our products, even those built and released decades ago.

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