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UTNT has been an inventor in the scoreboards design for over 10 years. Our clients include Pakistan Hockey Federation, Lahore  Race club, PCb through system integrator, Pakistan Television etc.We offer wide variety from a complete line outdoor / indoor L.E.D scoreboards for all sports. If you don't find a scoreboard you are looking for, just drop us an email showing your requirements, we will glad to design on for you and  send out   economic proposal best suited to your requirements.  Since our hardware and software are modular base, most custom scoreboards won't cost any more than off the shelf scoreboards. You can have custom scoreboard for less than you expect just give us a call. 

General Applications

Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Cricket, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Horse races, Rugby, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Golf 

 Projects Competed  
Lahore Race Club         Pic    Specs
Hockey Stadium LHR.   Pic    Specs
Hockey Stadium Kchi.  Pic    Specs
Cricket Stadium            Pic    Specs
Pakistan television      Pic    Specs

Few Pictorial glimpse
International derby 2004
Champion's Trophy 2004
Pak-India Series 2006
International Hockey 2005
Pakistan Television Corp.


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