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What is NMS Tickers

News & Messaging System (NMS) presents a qualitative breakthrough in information dissemination which can be used by Govt, Media & Corporate sectors. The NMS has a reach and affectivity which  far exceeds that of the traditional  media& other publicity mediums. In  big cities, NMS can be set up to display news & messages at  public places, traffic junctions, busy marketing areas, Airports, Railway & Bus Terminals, Parks etc where millions  pass through daily. On account of its day and night visibility can be operated 24 hours, few can miss the information displayed, it can thus have millions of captive viewers. Connected with our news  rooms with a provision of a link to client's  IT Control base , NMS can be used for instant information and messaging  of the Client's  news and promotions across the World. The system alone has the capacity to cater  the information needs of various  interest groups and sections of society by displaying special messages that are particularly relevant to them. Thus even in the same city the content of the information & language can differ from area to area, keeping in view the peculiar requirements of the neighborhood.

Basic System Configurations

Indoors & out door models, Character height from 1 to 60 inches. Custom length, Multi languages support, RS485,modem,IP,GPRS networks.


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