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SLD 757 series

Best  suited for English text. Most economic solution for Online/offline information displays systems  indoors at lowest cost e.g unit cost for 4" x 5ft  unit is USD 500.The length is in the multiples of 28.5 inches.  


Usage Indoors
Operation All weathers
Visibility indoors
Module size 7" X 36"
Module Resolution 7 x 96 dots
Pixels picth 10 mm
Character Size 4.2 inch high
Viewing distance 5-200ft
Local Interfaces Rs232, RS485
Remote interface GPRS
Visual Effects Scrolling, flash
Voltage required 220 / 120 AC
Length  From 9ft
Mounting structures Optional
Data update Peer to Peer
Monitoring Web base
Software GUI base
Available on Turnkey or OEM basis


General Applications

News Tickers, Stock market displays, Messaging systems, Score boards, Alphanumeric text displays, Product Promotion displays.

 Projects with SLD57 series  
Cres Bank Head Office Lahore

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