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Public awareness systems

Pakistan Motorway Police have acquired our M5207 series systems in two ways, through system integrator and directly from us. There is plan to provide 22 displays at along M2 south and M2 north at the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway sector.


Type of  Project  Turnkey
Size of the Systems 1.5 x241ft
Operation All weathers
Visibility 24 hrs
Module size 1.5 x 4.75ft
Module Resolution 7 x 24 dots
Pixels size 25mm
Resolution 7 x 120 dots
L.E.Ds in each pixel 5 L.E.Ds
Character Size 16 inch high
Viewing distance 20-2000 ft
Language English & Urdu
Update systems GPRS base
Visual Effects Slides,scrolling
Voltage required 220 / 120 AC
Mounting structures Civil & Metal
Data update Central server
Monitoring Web base


-- Online  road safety messages
-- Online  news dissemination
-- GPRS Network management
-- Total backup support for systems


 Pictorial Tour of the sites  
Awareness display at N5 Lahore
Awareness display at M2 Lahore
Awareness display at M2 Bhera
Pakistan Motorway Police

National Highway & Motorway Police has been entrusted with security and safety responsibilities at Motorways and National Highways across the country. For more information about Motorway Police click here

Project synopsis here
EQUIPMENT at  site
-- Digital screen of 1.5x24 ft
-- GPRS Controller
-- Master controller
-- Slave controller
-- Display drive controller
-- Built in Power supplies
-- Voltage protection system
-- Embedded software
 - GUI for message feed
-- GUI for News feed
-- Customized structures


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