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Integrated Market Tickers

The project for the Harvest Top-Worth group (leading trading and Brokerage house in Pakistan)  is unique due to deployment of variety of L.E.D Displays. The project contains five sub projects of innovative nature. The system is controlled by Integrated master controller which is connected to various network controllers for downloading online data from cyber servers. 


Horizontal Ticker  10"X48FT
Vertical Ticker 40 x 4.75 ft
Network time sys 16 World cities
L-Shape Ticker SLD757 series
Reception Ticker Dual line 
Small Size Ticker SLD258 series
Rate display Ticker SLD757 series
Font size for Symbol 16 inch
Font size for prices 8 inch
Font size for Time 2.25 inch
Font size for indoors 2.25 inch
Viewing distance 10-800ft
Update systems RS485
Data source Internet base
Voltage required 220 / 120 AC
Mounting structures Civil & Metal
Data update Central server
Monitoring Web base


-- Online  rates dissemination
-- Rs485 Network management
-- Control Monitoring of contents
-- Total backup support for systems


 Pictorial Tour of the site 
Front elevation  day time  
Front elevation  evening time
Front elevation  evening time
LCM 2508 series NMS Ticker 
Commodity Ticker (Vertical form)
Market Ticker with World times
Commodity Ticker (Horizontal form)
Indoor NMS Ticker 
Reception Display & News Ticker 
EQUIPMENT at  site
-- LCM2508 ticker 10"x48ft
-- Commodity Ticker
-- News Ticker& World clock
-- SLD 757 ticker 4"x10ft
-- Forex Ticker for reception
- SLD 757 Forex ticker 
-- Master controller
-- Slave controller
-- Display drive controller
-- Built in Power supplies
-- Voltage protection system
-- Embedded software
-- GUI for news/messages
-- Customized structures


Download Detailed Specifications
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SLD757 series main page
World Time Systems
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