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Graphical Screens

Outdoor Digital Graphical systems are everywhere. You see them over bank entrances, at the fast food stores as menu/order boards, in store windows, on building walls, in airports, Parks, Shopping malls and other public transit waiting areas. They announce the news, tell time, proclaim the latest sport scores and tell if your stocks have gone up or down. They are the town criers of the modern age. The beauty of graphical digital board communications is in its instant real-time contact with the public. Most pubic-based businesses in urban or commercially and recreational based zones (Parks, shopping malls, Plaza) have a direct pedestrian and vehicular pass-by traffic that could easily amount to anywhere from 20,000 - 50,000 eyeballs passing the spot per day. These are people that such businesses can communicate with every day with advertising, sales and customer service information, sometimes even more dramatically than with print or radio ads.

 Graphical display Installations 
Holiday Inn Graphical Screen
CDGL Graphical Screen
Fateh Mosque NY
Lahore Office

More Variants
Marquee 5214 series


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