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Atomic clock Synched Time Sys.

Time is the hub of our lives and we are proud to be aware of it. We have designed SEG 7-52 series clocks as the ultimate low cost time, temperature display for all reasons and purposes. Right from stop watches to highly precise seconds clocks we have all the variety. Your requirement may be indoor or outdoor, you will find some model to suit your choice. It?s day time visibility, extra long life and reliability & specs elevate it from the its nearest competitors in Neon and bulb Technology. Basic specifications include:


-- Atomic clock synched models
-- Network or Standalone models 
-- Embedded Software controlled
-- Built in fail-safe memory
-- Built in Digital Temperature meter
-- Indoor & Outdoor models
-- Digit size from 1inch to 10ft
-- Highly energy efficient
-- 110/220 Volts
-- Option for Humidity Display


 Projects for Time systems  
MCS Textiles
Coca-Cola 1       Coca-Cola 2 
Mobilink Pakistan
Suigas 1     Suigas 2     Suigas 3
Model Town Park
2.25 inch
9 inch clock
3 x 8ft clock
World Clock
Calendar Clock
4 sided
5 x20ft


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