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Process Displays
Accurate and Speedy information is the basis of endeavor is to display information to aid in improving productivity.

Our large range of process displays is only limited by your imagination Whether you want process information to be available on the factory floor or anywhere else in the plant or you want to display efficiency or safety related information to the people working on the plant, we can provide you with any format of large or small displays.


Interfacing our Displays to your Process
Our strength lies in our ability to rapidly customize the connection of our displays to your process or source of data. Following are the various options available in our displays to acquire and display information.
Direct pickup by using sensors and transducers provided with the displays.
Interfacing to the already installed sensors like thermocouples, proximity switches etc.
Using industry standard 4-20ma, 0-10V analog signals.
Digital communications using RS-232, Rs-485 etc.
Using digital or analog outputs of an installed PLC. To save the number of connections, we have devised some innovative methods.
By tapping into already installed networks and passively listening to data transfer.
Ethernet LAN and internet
Updating manually by using keyboard, PC interface, network, internet or wireless remote control.



Counters and Totalizers

Custom designed Hybrid Displays

Alphanumeric and Scrolling

Humidity and Temperature

Target and Actual Display
Safety Displays
Production line Displays
Weight Displays
Speed Displays