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Air conditioner Controller
Intelligent Control
The TCON series Air conditioner Controllers is a new concept in domestic appliance automation. Offering features only available to expensive industrial electronics before, this cost effective controller series make its way to the consumers office and home.

A full featured microcomputer sits at the heart of these controllers. At your command ,they adjust the room climate so that the desired temperature is achieved as quick as possible and without a lot of variations as is the case with conventional thermostats. The temperature control is precise and stable and you can see it on the digital display in degrees Centigrade.

The Fan speed has an auto mode which regulates itself the way you want. Fast when the room is hotter than required, slow when it has reached comfortable temperature.

There is a 10 hour turn on and turn off timer so you can sleep without worrying to turn off the AC. You can also set a turn on timer so you room is just the way you want when you return home.


Compressor Protection
Compressor is the most expensive part of an AC. So we have incorporated a two fold, extremely reliable safety mechanism. This is incorporated in hardware for added protection. Firstly, the compressor is never allowed to operate below 180V so no excessive currents. Secondly, the 3 minute ON/OFF cycle delay is built in so no compressor overloading.

Error Recovery

Computer users are familiar with the term `Computer crash' or `Computer hang-up'. This is usually caused by power line fluctuations and surges. This controller uses a WATCH-DOG-TIMER that continuously monitors the line voltage and any unexpected behavior of the microcomputer and if it finds a situation like that, it puts the computer back on track. So you never even notice what trouble the computer has gone through.


-     Technology : Microcomputer /Micro Controller

-     Input : 220v AC 50/60 Hz

-     Operating temperature : 0 to 70OC

-     Storage temperature : -40 to 85OC

-     Outputs
Compressor contactor (relay)
Fan High (solid state)
Fan Low (solid state)
Swing Motor (solid state)

-      Temperature input : Thermistor sensor

-     Full function ten key Infra-Red remote control

-     10 hour turn-off and turn on timer

-     Under voltage (180v) compressor protection with indication

-      Over voltage surge and transient protection

-      Three minute compressor on-off cycle delay

-     Non-volatile memory stores settings even
when power is removed.
No battery is required to save settings

-     Controls
On / Off
Mode - Cool, Fan, Sleep
Fan speed - Low, High, Auto
Air swing
Digital temperature Setting
Digital timer setting

-     Display
Digital readout of temperature & timer.
Up to 11 red / green LED indicators
for all the controls mentioned above.


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