Variable Messaging System.  Custom sizes available.
Specifications Technology – LED, Character size-12,18,24,36 inch, Outdoor usage, Size 1.5ft x 24 ft, Programmable refresh rate, Multilingual  Modular construction, LAN/GPRS/GSM/3G, Metallic body, 110/220 power supply.
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Traffic Lights Custom sizes/Design available.
Specifications LED Technology, Excellent visibility, larger visual anagle, Up to 90% energy saving over incandescent, Exclusive optical lenses,good color uniformity, Multi-ply sealed, water & dust resistant, Easy to install into existing signal enclosure.Diameter:200mm/300mm, Led Diameter: 5mm, LED Color:Red/Yellow/Green, Shell: PC plastic anti-UV, Protect Level: IP 65, Visibility distance:Over500 meters , Working temperature: -20° c~70°C
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Traffic Camera Custom sizes/designs available.
Specifications Video output format: JPEG, MPEG stream,H264, software
adjustable shutter control, GSM/GPRS/3G communication, Configurable for switching day/night mode, Internal, memory Min. 64MB DDR + 256 MB flash storage
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NVR Network Recording System,Custom models available.
Specifications Up to 64CH support, 100Mbps network camera recording,• H264, MPEG-4,MJPEG,upto 8 internal Hard drives..
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