Automated Public Information System. APIS facilitating over 210 million annually.
Basic Concept of Automated Public Information System is equip Pakistan Railways with latest Technology Arrival-Departure boards which will display Trains Arrival-Departure status in URDU and English Language at all major railway stations nation wide in such a manner that railways get Technology products free of Cost and get the Railway Staff trained to operate such information boards.

The systems is displaying Trains information minute to minute in Urdu & English languages which has made it focal point of total literate population visiting Railway stations nationwide and attracts over 290 million eyeballs annually-Yes 80 million passengers and 210 million visitors. The systems also used for announcements , public service message and breaking news hence making the systems as total information center.

Under CSR Policy of UTNT, this multi-million project have been provided to Pakistan Railways Free of cost. The system consist of following components:

- 60 large size units for Arrival-Departure Displays
- 100 displays for Platforms
- Data entry systems at 30 Stations
- Control and monitoring system at 7 Divisions
- Central collocation for Servers
- Online website
- SMS services for trains enquiry
- Automated telephone response for trains enquiries

The project also offers SMS and multi lingual IVR service to the masses. Due to its utility, it is going to be the most imporatnt information toold for relatives / friends of the passenger through out country to have Trains information using SMS and IVR rather just going there and waiting for long hours.

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