Despite the shock reaction to Airliners Crashes, the prospect of the daily slaughter on the roads is largely ignored by the so called vibrant media and general public. Every day, at global level, approx. 3500 persons who leave their homes but never come back while more than 137,000 persons suffer injuries mostly with long term disabilities due to road accidents. It is the single largest cause of death among youth. As per WHO, 90% casualties occur in developing countries costing them over $100 billion per year.

OUR CSR Project,RASTA, is a Public Awareness Program (PAP) designed keeping in view guidelines of UN/WHO’s Decade of Road Safety 2011-2020.It is addressing a population of over 21 million in 5 major cities in Punjab, Pakistan while more cities are being added to make RASTA available to over 120 million people. The project is being executed with the help and coordination of Traffic Police.

The philosophy of RASTA is ‘Yield’. It is focused on safety of Road users. It comprises of components like:

- Online Road Traffic portal
- Commercial free Traffic FM Channel (Traffic,Music,Weather)
- Traffic alerts SMS
- 24/7/365 Traffic helpline 1915.

UTNT has funded the RASTA for 10 years period as its Corporate Social Responsibility. The Project is being replicated in other cities in developing countries with the help of local authorities.

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