Integrated Queue Management  System are ideal product for all financial institutions and bank where people have to wait for their turn. Once their number is displayed in the waiting area then only will they have to go to the respective window for the required service. An announcement for the displayed number is enough to alert the waiting customers to look at the Ticket number displays. The system basically consists of three components.

1) Main display unit
2) Window display units
3) Main Controllers & Slaves

Every serving-window may be provided with a keypad, when an operator will press the numbers at the keypad to call a certain token number, keypad controller will send the command to main controller, which will display the number at the lounge display along with the information about the respective window. The same number will also be displayed at the respective window at the same time as well. This controller will make sure that there are clear and separate announcements for more then one token numbers in case of simultaneous calls from two or more operators at one time.


Ticketing Station
 Custom Design available.
Specifications Built-in Thermal Printer,4-10 Service Buttons, Optional Touch screen, Easy front Paper load, Built-in Database server, RS232 connection with Information display, Optional Branding customization, Stand
alone or short height options.
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Window Displays

Custom Design/sizes available.
Specifications Technology – LED, Character size-4 inch, Indoor usage, Multilingual
Printing, RS 232 connectivity, ,Metallic body, 110/220 power supply.
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Custom Design/sizes available.
Specifications Technology – LED,  Character size-4 inch, Indoor usage, Multilingual
Printing, RS 232 connectivity, Option for message display, Built-in speakers, Alpha numeric display, Metallic body, 110/220 power supply.
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Control Software
Specifications Database driven, user friendly GUI, multi user, local or remote access, Complete monitoring of all windows and processing, selective information form customers, user management, transfer of  loads among various windows/counters, system, Window unit alerts, auto queuing, various reports for performance measure.
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Window Client
Specifications User friendly GUI, RS232 connection with window display, Recall/Parking/Transfer/serve options.  Database storage for each
transactions, administration alerts messages.
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