At UTNT we combine strategic thinking,creative talent and advanced technologies to serve our clients. Our stress is on Professional approach dedicated to our customers and moving with time. Client satisfaction is the key word at UTNT networks, We offer business solutions keeping in mind the developing needs of our clients. We bank on our extensive experience and expertise in LED Technology, Industrial Automation & telecommunication solutions and applications.


  • Cell Phone Apps
  • Digital Receptionist &  IVR  solutions
  • Voice massage broadcasting over telephone  & cellular networks
  • SMS base awareness & educational  systems
  • Tele-Education systems
  • Web 2.0 interactive portal and sites
  • FM radio broadcast setup deployment

LED Displays & Video Screens

  • Score boards, LED screens
  • Arrival-Departure information displays for Bus, Trains, Airports
  • Ticket and Queue management Systems
  • Forex Boards, Stock Exchange, Commodity Displays, Petrol/CNG Prices
  • News Tickers, Clocks, Counters
  • Traffic Displays, VMS,  Traffic Signals
  • Process control & Safety Displays

Industrial Solutions

  • Control systems for Temperature & Humidity
  • Weighing and Batching systems
  • Car Parking monitoring & control systems
  • Elevator Controllers & HVAC controllers
  • Solar energy solution designs & development
  • Custom PLCs design & development for various applications
  • Inverter profile controllers for textiles industries Process control & Safety Displays
  • Car Security & tracking systems designs