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Queue Management Systems

eQnet -econo is the ideal solution where an office to offer one stop solution for its clients. It possess all features required for a standalone Queue Management system. The Powerful dispenser may offer up to 10 services and serve virtually unlimited windows. Thee may be more than one window for each service. The Micro Controller base industrial standard system controller keep client free of any Computer related problems hence rendering trouble free operations for years.  It is economical, informative and straight forward solution to the queue management. It has all the operational capabilities of  eQnet-manager except the absence of reporting gateway.


Technology Micro Chip
Teller Station Unit 6 Keys keypad
Window Display 4.25 inch Digit
Status Displays Dot matrix
Ticket Dispenser upto10 service
Visual effects Flashing
Voice Urdu/Eng
Multimedia Speaker One pair
Widows supported Unlimited


-- One Year Warrantee
-- Up gradation options
--Three services-3 windows system USD 1723+Applicable taxes
 Each additional Window $193+Tax

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