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Queue Management Systems

eQnet -basic is the most popular unit among the banks and and public dealing offices and need virtually no training at all for its implementations. Clients arrive collect ticket/Token and wait till the number is called in Urdu or English language. The teller can call the numbers in sequence or any random token/ticket number using the numeric keypad. Ideal for the banks and office where large number of clients dealt without prior appointments. 


Technology Micro Chip
Teller Station Unit 12Keys keypad
Window Display 4.25 inch Digit
Visual effects Flashing
Voice Urdu/Eng
Widows supported Unlimited


-- One Year Warrantee
-- Up gradation options
-- Price:  USD 340+Applicable taxes
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 Projects completed  
Muslim Commercial Bank    71      
National Bank of Pakistan    42      
Habib Bank Limited               41     
Prime Commercial Bank       29
Askari Commercial Bank      03

Others                                    17

Punjab Cardiology Hospital   12
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