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Lift Controller for 8 Floors
Designed for installation with Reed switch arrangement, this versatile controller is easily configurable for any floor arrangement and options. With state of the art embedded software that took years to optimize for industry requirements, this controller has proven the test of time. Our oldest controllers recently celebrated their 10 years of non-stop customer service. All these years without the need of any service and maintenance. Now that is what we mean by complete peace of mind when you buy one of these.


Fully Micro-Computer controlled
Comprehensive Control, Error and Status Display
24V dc operation
2 Speed Motor control with 4 relays
Compatible with reed relay wiring systems
Requires only 2 reed switches for any number of floors
Outputs for Up / Down and Floor displays
Triple protection at top and bottom floors.
Motor Timeout protection
Battery Backup provision
Optically isolated inputs
Separate Up / Down and Car Call buttons and Lights
Door Open / Close Control
Easily configurable with DIP switches
Built in Watchdog Timer and CPU error recovery.




Elevator / Lift Controls


Available Documents

Connections P1
Connections P2
Connections P3
Connections P4
LED and Switch
Reed Switch Ref.
Installation Guide
User Guide